Note: An updated version of Loremify is available here.

Loremify is a one-click tool to copy Lorem Ipsum. It lets you wrap in html, specify the amount of text, and copy it to your clipboard—all in one click. It runs as a Dashboard Widget in Mac OS X, and is a mere 209kb download.

It’s Fast

Loremify features a huge display and three wide buttons. The amount of Lorem Ipsum you copy will vary depending on where you click. Minimum to the left—maximum to the right. The display updates smoothly as you move your mouse around.

To copy to your clipboard—click a button. A check mark will appear, and you’re done! In version 1.1, support for keyboard shortcuts were added—use Shift to toggle HTML mode, and T to toggle HTML tags. And of course, Loremify is absolutely free.

Download Loremify (290kb)

Share Your Thoughts

I built Loremify primarily for personal use, but I’m happy for all ideas on how to make it even better; feel free to drop me a line on Twitter.