Loremify 1.2 Brings Improved Output

Note: An updated version of Loremify is available here.

I’m happy to say that Loremify 1.2 is here with an improved Header output and totally redesigned backplate. Let’s take a look at the output:

Loremify1.2 features an improved header output

Whereas a typical old Header output would be “Morbi malesuada nulla ner purus.”, Loremify 1.2 capitalizes the first letter in every word, and leaves out the dot in the end. I saw many users who copied a header and then went through the effort to do this themselves—Loremify now does this for you. I’m aware headers aren’t written like this in all languages out there—they aren’t in Swedish—but I hope this change reflects the typical use of the Header button.

Loremify 1.2 also boasts a new backplate, to remind you about those oh-so-awesome keyboard shortcuts. This is how it looks:

Loremify1.2 boasts a totally redesigned backplate

Updating is super easy; after downloading the new version and launching it, Mac OS X will let you replace any old version with the new one. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Download Loremify 1.3 (209kb)