Tobias Ahlin Bjerrome

I design, tinker, & teach.


Responsive type scales with composable CSS utilities

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With the help of calc(), clamp() and CSS vars, we can create composable, responsive, and fluid type scales that smoothly adapts to viewport and container widths.

Hiding empty elements with CSS :empty and :has()

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You might be used to toggling classes on elements to handle state styles. What if we could just write CSS that reflected the state of the DOM?

Selecting previous siblings with CSS :has()

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Selecting a previous sibling was for long impossible, but is now a breeze with the has() pseudo-class

A brief introduction to A/B-testing

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Learn how to use A/B-testing as a guiding compass for making product decisions, and how to avoid its pitfalls

Chaining styles with a JavaScript Proxy

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If you miss method chaining from Ruby or jQuery when working with styles in JavaScript, you can recreate the pattern with a few lines of code

Smoother & sharper shadows with layered box-shadows

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With a simple CSS trick, we can get fine-tuned control over how shadows are rendered, and create richer and more realistic 3D effects

Cheat sheet for moving from jQuery to vanilla JavaScript

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This reference guide will help you convert jQuery's most common patterns to vanilla JavaScript

Breaking to a new row with flexbox

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You can break to a new flexbox row or column without setting the size of an item: add a collapsed flex item between two flex items

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I write about design, CSS, animation, and the projects that are keeping me busy.


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Nobody likes to wait… but you can make it less of a pain. I've created SpinKit, an open-source collection of loading spinners animated with CSS.

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Moving Letters

If you want more playful and expressive typography, I've created an open-source collection of text effects animated with JavaScript and anime.js.

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I created TypeSource as a way to browse web fonts by how they look and feel, rather by their name and attributes.


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I work as a Design Engineer at GitHub, working on our brand,, Mona Sans, and more.

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As the Experience Design Director at Minecraft I worked with the team at Mojang to overhaul their UI infrastructure and design and iterate on new and old Minecraft games.

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Early on at Spotify I lead the UI design for all products and worked with building the design team.

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I love to design and make things. I used to make things at Spotify and Minecraft, and am currently a design engineer at GitHub. Say hi!

Tobias Ahlin Bjerrome
Stockholm, Sweden