Introducing SpinKit

While hacking away at Infinite Jekyll the other week, I needed to show a loading indicator while fetching new posts. It had to be open-sourced though, and available in retina resolution. I couldn’t find any decent spinners, so instead of sitting down in Photoshop and creating two GIFs, I turned to CSS animations and created a simple, repeatable, loading animation.

Turns out, that was a ton of fun. I created a couple more, and have collected them in a set called SpinKit. They are all available on GitHub, and as a separate showcase, where it’s easier to preview them and grab the source (pro tip: press S to show the source, ESC to close the popover).

View SpinKit

They’re easy to customize, animated with CSS transforms (they don’t trigger redraws), and should run smoothly at 60fps on most setups, including iOS.

Happy spinning!