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Meaningful Motion with Action-Driven Animation

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Do thing?
Do it

Some simple guiding principals for making your animations more meaningful.

Moving along a curved path in CSS with layered animation

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We can apply one timing function per axis to produce curved paths, by using two or more objects to drive an animation.

Google Web Font Inspiration with TypeSource

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I built a collection of compositions to make it easier to find and match Google Web Fonts.

Copy Lorem Ipsum from your Menu Bar with Loremify

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Loremify is a free mac app to quickly copy Lorem Ipsum to your clipboard. You can wrap the dummy text in html or markdown, specify the amount of text, and copy it to your clipboard—in one click.

Animating Link Underlines

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A quick trick: add a pseudo-element and animate it with CSS transitions on hover.

Introducing SpinKit

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A collection of loading spinners animated with CSS.

Common Mac OS X Cursors as PNGs

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OS X Cursor

I've prepared the most common OS X cursors in a short list, if you want to include cursors in your mockups.

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