Tobias Ahlin

I design & build digital products.


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As one of the first designers at Spotify, I worked with building the design team, and was responsible for the interface design of all products.

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Nobody likes to wait… but you can make it less of a pain. I've created SpinKit, an open-source collection of loading spinners animated with CSS.

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Designing Minecraft

As the Experience Design Director for Minecraft, the best selling PC game of all time, I'm working with the team at Mojang to design and improve Minecraft and our other products.

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Speaking &

I speak at events and facilitate workshops within design, digitalization, and innovation—most recently in Amsterdam, Edinburgh, and Milan.

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Moving Letters

I created an open-source directory of text effects, animated with JavaScript and anime.js.

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Rewriting a curriculum

Hyper Island has sometimes been referred to as the "The Digital Harvard". They operate within a rapidly transforming industry, and are constantly pushed to re-evalute their methods and resources. In 2016 I rewrote their Data Strategist program in collaboration with Thomas Björk.

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Simplifying user research

User research can be the deciding difference between a successful and failed launch. At Lookback I lead the product design to simplify user research for digital products.

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Teaching product design

I've been teaching product design at the creative business school Hyper Island, listed by CNN as one of the "most interesting schools around the world".

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Making GitHub Pages friendly

GitHub Pages is today used by companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and Adobe to document and market their open-source projects. It was once poorly documented, and difficult to understand. I lead the initiative to make it more accessible, friendly, and easy to get started with.

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Teaching Data Strategy

As an Industry Leader for Hyper Island's Digital Data Strategists program, I teach front-end development, statistics, design, & data visualization, and bring in industry experts to lecture.

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Google Web Font inspiration

I created TypeSource as a way to browse web fonts by how they look and feel, rather by their name and attributes.

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GitHub for Mac & Windows

GitHub is a powerful tool that, for many, comes with a steep learning curve. At GitHub I designed GitHub for Mac & Windows to make it easier to work with the GitHub flow, while carefully balancing established best practices and new abstractions.

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Scaling CSS
at GitHub

At GitHub I worked with's design and CSS to align, refactor, and make our visual language consistent across the site.

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Integration through design

In a time where nations and societies are struggling to cope with war, fear, and prejudice, what can we do to create an inclusive and well-functioning society? To start, we can meet, sit down, and chat over a dinner.

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I write at /blog

…and occasionally share my thoughts on design, animation, & innovation.

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I love to design, develop, and teach. I work as the Experience Design Director for Minecraft, and specialize in product design, data, and critical thinking. Say hi!

Tobias Bjerrome Ahlin
Stockholm, Sweden