Coda 2

Coda is a great editor. It was released in 2007, won an Apple Design Award, but sadly hasn’t gotten much love since. I’ve been using it for several years, but recently switched to Espresso by MacRabbit.


Panic just announced Coda 2. If you’re an old Coda user, you won’t recognize much from Coda 1. Panic seems to have tweaked and improved almost every single feature, and added a ton of new ones; autocompletion of custom variables and functions looks amazing. They are also bringing much of the Coda magic to iPad—they’re calling it Diet Coda, and it looks like the best editor for iPad yet.

Coda 2 and Diet Coda will be released on May 24th, and you’ll get 50% off if you buy them within the first 24 hours.

Update: Andy Soell has been beta testing the app and posted a great write up on his blog.

Published in tools | 21 May 2012