I'm Joining Spotify

I’m thrilled to announce that on the 2nd of August, I’m joining Spotify as a designer. I’ll be working closely with the product team to develop Spotify’s user interface—the desktop client as well as mobile applications. Spotify is a joy to use, and I’m thrilled to be a part of the team.

I’m moving to Stockholm early August. Spotify’s getting my full attention, and I will not take on any new freelance projects. As I believe you should always strive to grasp the workings of what you’re designing, I’m also picking up some real programming: Objective-C. Let’s see where that leads to.

Spotify is still a relatively young service, and I’ve watched it develop since its early beta stages. I’m using it every day—people around me are using it every day. This is what ultimately motivates me, designing a product for myself and for the people around me. And, I’d like to think, Spotify is bringing a lot of joy into millions of peoples’ lives. If you’re using Spotify, I’d love to sit down and listen to your experiences using it.

I have some distant dreams of sharing parts of the design process over at dribbble, and engaging dribbblers’ wonderful obsession of pixels. I can’t make any promises, but hold your thumbs.

Published in announcement | 13 Jul 2010