Three new SpinKit spinners

SpinKit just got three new additions: a folding cube spinner, a classic circle spinner, and a scaling grid spinner. Just like the other spinners, they are animated using only the transform and the opacity properties, making them perform well, and easy to customize: just change the background color to match your site.

View SpinKit

If you want to use SpinKit in your project and stay up to date with new changes and additions, the project is now also available on npm and bower. Just run:

npm install spinkit


bower install spinkit

With the recent release of SpinKit 1.2, we refactored a lot of the SCSS. The spinners are now easier to customize, and we fixed all known bugs. I highly recommend updating.

Do you have a spinner in mind that you’re missing from SpinKit? Let me know, and it may just join the SpinKit family in the next update.

Happy spinning!

Published in | 06 Aug 2015