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I love to learn, build things, and teach. Parallell to my work as a Product Designer and Developer at Spotify and GitHub, I have regularly spoken at meetups and conferences around Europe about design, development, and product strategy.

I manage two courses at Hyper Island in Stockholm; one for the Mobile Creative program and one for the Digital Data Strategist program, and I regularly lecture at the school.

  1. Spotify

    Product Designer

  2. Hyper Island

    Industry Leader

  3. GitHub

    Designer & developer

My lectures and workshops are typically interactive, and filled with concrete tips, tricks, and techniques. With experience from working at e.g. Doberman, LookBack, Spotify, and GitHub, I've collected a ton of anecdotes and stories that exemplify my advice, and I use data from the industry, psychology, and behavioral economics to verify them.

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All lectures are available in English, and can be adapted to Swedish. Want more information, or book me for an event? Drop me a mail.

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